DroneDeploy Overview

Posted by on Apr 7, 2020 in Drones

DroneDeploy is an app and online software combo that allows you to build maps and 3D models with your drone. First, you plan your mission in an online interface. Then, when you open the app on your phone, you can call up the project and your drone will fly the mission you have planned. The drone will fly in a grid pattern and shoot hundreds of still images from every possible angle. Then, you upload the images to the cloud for processing. After a few hours, you’ll get an email telling you that it’s ready. You can then go back and view your project as a orthomosiac map and a 3d model. It’s surprisingly easy to use. There are a number of reports and measurements that can be taken with the app, including distance, area, elevation, and plant health. After processing, you can share your work as online links, reports, and download files in the .obj and GeoTIFF formats. I recommend doing their free trail for any drone pilot that wants to get familiar with it. The professional subscription costs $150 a month. I subscribed for one month and did as many projects as I could to really learn the ropes. It’s really easy to learn, and provides shareable, professional results. The site also has an excellent selection of tutorials. The DroneDeploy academy provides tons of useful information on how to capture the best quality data for mapping. Also, you can complete a quiz at the end of each lesson and earn a certificate which can be shown on your LinkedIn profile.

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